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The Charlie Musselwhite Interview

Hello! Today I'm talking to the great Charlie Musselwhite. The Mississipi-born harmonica player made his name in Memphis and Chicago and has become one of the true greats of the blues harp world. Charlie was the inspiration for Elwood Blues, the character played by Dan Aykroyd in the film 'The Blues Brothers'. He has won a Grammy as well as several Blues Music Awards, and has recorded with Bonnie Raitt, Tom Waits and many others.

Here are some timestamps in case you want to skip through:

00:00 Intro

01:50 Influences

07:24 Positions

08:53 Hanging Out With Legends

13:43 Songwriting

17:23 Harmonica Heroes

22:17 The New Album

23:43 Gigging & Touring

24:29 Harp Gear

27:47 Modern Players

29:56 Serve The Song

32:00 Fourth/Fifth Positions

35:00 Music Theory

36:30 Alternate Tunings

40:26 The Future

I hope you enjoyed the interview. Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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