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Your Blues Harmonica Questions Answered

Hello! This week I held a live Q&A session on YouTube all about playing blues harmonica. In case you missed it, you can catch up via the video below.

The tabs for the scales I mentioned are as follows -

The Major Pentatonic Scale: -2 -3// -3 -4 5 6

The Minor Pentatonic Scale: -2 -3/ 4 -4 -5 6

The Blues Scale: -2 -3/ 4 -4/ -4 -5 6

In the Q&A I said that the 8 overdraw note was an octave up from the 4 draw bend. I should have said the 7 overdraw.

I mentioned a few things in the Q&A which I want to link here for you:

Chromatic tuner app - iStroboSoft

Bend training software - Bendometer

Step-by-step blues course - The Blues Harmonica Course

Step-by-step tongue blocking course - The Tongue Blocking Course

Classic blues harp song studies - Blues Song Studies

I hope you found my answers useful and I wish you the best of luck with your playing!

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