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The harmonica is a beautiful little instrument but It will fight tooth and nail(maybe tongue too) unless it's blown and drawn right. It takes intense concentration to get a clean note unless you're an expert. The embouchure must be perfect; if it's off by even a millimeter, you wind up overlapping holes and getting a chord.

Liam says to go slow which is good advice. You have to be really good with the lips to go fast.

The bluesy sounds are so cool that I am willing to put up with the not so nice noise I often get. I really like the dirty stuff such as the 14 and the 25(tongue blocks).

I have been playing(or playing on) the harp since COVID hit. It's a real challenge but worth it. Paul Butterfield is a favorite-wish I could do just one of his riffs.

But like Liam said in one of his videos: the short answer to how to get good is "lots of practice". In small 'chunks' even if only a few notes at a time. Can't be afraid to fail. Repeat hundreds and thousands of times. Be very patient. Enjoy the ride!

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