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walter Machiels
Jun 19, 2021
In Give & Get Advice
Within the Basic Course month 6, first steps to bending are taken with the song Amazing Graze which seems to work form me. As I started a year ago, I have trained myself in tongue blocking in stead of lip pursing.(David Barret, free lessons for one month) and did some training on bending for almost 2 months now. But I always have a problem with my 1d on my C harp. So, I first thought that my technique was wrong an tried to do a lip pursing on 1d, with the same effect. I did tests on other keys with succes (G to F, Blues harp ms), but only on my C harp , I only can get a clean 1d if I let some air leak or open up my nasal cavity... Is there a way that I can verify if there is something wrong with my C harp? It has had a short "washing intro" some months ago, when I forgot to remove it out of my pants ...hi. Could it be detuned/broken or is it only related to my technique? Thanks in advance, Walter

walter Machiels

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