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Blues Harmonica Improvisation Lesson 4 - Dynamic Shifts | Beginner Harmonica Lesson

Hello! This is lesson #4 in a series on blues harmonica improvisation. In today's harmonica lesson we'll look at using dynamic shifts to add variety to solos. (If you missed the previous lessons in the series, do check out Lesson 1, Lesson 2 and Lesson 3 as well).

Using dynamics is all about shifting your volume and intensity to add variety to your solos. You can think about this on a macro or macro level, changing from a loud, intense level to a lower, mellow level from song to song, solo to solo, lick to lick, or even varying things within a single line itself. It's a technique that can be applied by players of all levels, and it's such a shame to miss out on this because it's such an easy way to make your improvisations much more interesting.

Most players play too loud all of the time so a big part of your dynamic practice is to learn to play quieter. The same goes for intensity - most harpists play too many notes. It's easy to get excited and go full throttle, which is great but not always what is needed. In this video lesson we'll look at some ways to add a bigger dynamic range to your playing. I hope you enjoy the lesson!

Making Your Solos AWESOME

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