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New to harmonica?

The harmonica is a great instrument for beginners. It's cheap, portable and lots of fun. However, you'll need to put some work in if you want to master the thing!

Don't worry - that's where we come in.

Man in a white t-shirt playing the harmonica with the text that says beginner harmonica

Free Beginner Lessons

Access our entire collection of free harmonica lessons specifically tailored to beginners

Thumbnail with a man in a white shirt with arms crossed, smiling and holding a harmonica with the text The Complete Beginners Course

Free Complete Beginner

Enrol in our free Complete Beginner Course covering everything you need to learn to play the harmonica

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School for Beginners

Access all of our harmonica beginner courses when you sign up to our online harmonica school

Enrol in our free Complete Beginner Course


Our complete beginners covers the absolute basics: achieving clean notes, chugging and playing your first song.

You'll get:


  • A focused step-by-step course

  • 4 weekly lessons split into easy-to follow parts, plus a FREE bonus week

  • Important skills, tricks and techniques that every beginner player needs to know

  • A solid foundation for playing blues, pop, folk, rock, classical, country and more

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Get Better, Faster

With instant access to over 1,500 lessons, you can supercharge your harmonica skills by joining our online harmonica school.

Gain 24/7 access to all our courses including:

✔️ The Complete Beginners Course (all modules)

✔️ Blues Harmonica for Beginners

✔️ The Harmonica Bending Course

✔️ The Blues Harmonica Improvisation Course

✔️ The Tongue Blocking Harmonica Course

✔️ An Introduction to Blues Harp, Mics, Amps & Pedals

✔️ Positions & Modes for Harmonica

✔️ Introduction to Overblows for Harmonica

✔️ Music Theory for Harmonica Players

✔️ Solos and Licks

✔️ Classic Blues Song Studies

✔️ Blues Grooves for Harmonica

... and much more


✔️ 145 Pro Jam Tracks

✔️ Exclusive Access to Live Q&A Archives

✔️ Members Forum (for personalised feedback and support)

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Get Started for Free

Free lessons, tips and tricks straight to your inbox

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