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Chugging the Blues - Beginner Blues Harmonica Lesson & Tab

Hello! In today's harmonica lesson we're chugging a beginner blues harmonica solo. Chugging means to play a group of notes together in a rhythmic way. We'll be playing over a classic 12 bar blues shuffle backing track (I sell a full set of backing tracks). No clean notes are needed so you can play this solo even if you've never played harmonica before. I hope you enjoy the lesson!

Here are the harp tabs to the chugging blues solo in the lesson:

A (x2):

-123 -123 -123 -123

-123 -123 -123


123 123 123 123

123 123 123

Repeat A (x1):

-123 -123 -123 -123

-123 -123 -123


-45 -45 -45

45 45 45


-123 -123 -123

-123 45 -45

Thanks for studying with me today. I hope you enjoyed the lesson!

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