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Note Layout for All Keys of Harmonica | Free Diatonic Harmonica Chart

Updated: Mar 6

Hello! In this week's lesson I'm taking you through my free note layout chart for all keys of harmonica so that you can best understand harmonica notes.

Want to watch the video? Click here.

You can download for free a pdf of the diagram you see below by clicking the button:

I have mine on my wall so feel free to download the diagram, print it and have it to hand whenever you need it.

A diagram of diatonic harmonica note layout
Diatonic Harmonica Note Layout

Harmonica notes:

Using this chart, you can find all the notes for the 12 keys of diatonic harmonica in standard tuning. The 'normal' notes are in grey (blow on the top, draw on the bottom). The blue notes are draw bends and blow bends. The red notes are overblows and overdraws.

If you want a bit more information and explanation, watch this video where I talk through the chart so you can understand it better:

I hope you find this chart useful. Have a great day!

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