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Improvisation in Cm - Indiara Sfair (harmonica lesson & free tabs)

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

In today's harmonica lesson I'll be teaching you to play 'Improvisation in Cm' by Indiara Sfair (on a Bb diatonic harmonica). This is one of the biggest harmonica videos ever on YouTube so if you haven't seen it then you have to check it out right away because it's awesome. Indiara has done a tabs video herself but not a full lesson so I hope my video helps you to understand a bit more about what she's playing and how it all fits together. Enjoy!

Download free tabs:

Improv in Cm (Indiara Sfair)
Download PDF • 187KB

Want step-by-step lessons?

Check out my harmonica school for step-by-step courses and feedback on your progress.


2 則留言

I’ve been playing for about 8 months. Love this song. Been working on learning it with this vid. Would never have been able to get it without you breaking it down. Practice on it about an hour a day gets better every day hoping to play it on my 60th birthday in June. Big thank you for your efforts to help.

Liam Ward
Liam Ward

You're very welcome Scott, good luck with the song! 😀

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