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Little Walter's Juke opening riff free harmonica lesson and tabs

Hello! Today's harmonica lesson is on the opening riff of Juke by Little Walter. A giant in harmonica history, Juke hit number 1 in the US in 1952, when Little Walter Jacobs was just 22 years old. More than 60 years on, it's still a blues harmonica standard that players across the globe aspire to replicate. This lesson gives you the first, unforgettable riff of the biggest harp song ever.

Here are the free tabs:

A: -2 -3//-->-3 -4 5 36 36

(old tab system: 2D 3D(b)-->3D 4D 5B 3B6B 3B6B)

Thanks for following this harmonica lesson. I hope you enjoyed it!

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