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Natural Minor Harmonica Course for Beginners

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

This is an 8-lesson series on how to play the Lee Oskar Natural Minor Harmonica.

The lessons start with the absolute basics of note layout, then we look at blues, reggae and others styles plus we'll consider bending and play several songs. There are also free tabs to download.

LESSON 1: Note layout

In lesson 1, we'll be exploring the note layout of a natural minor harmonica.

Download free lesson summary:

The Natural Minor Harmonica Notes & Bend
Download • 249KB

LESSON 2: Blues

In lesson 2, we'll be exploring how to play blues on a natural minor harmonica.

LESSON 3: Reggae, funk, hip-hop & Latin

In lesson 3, we'll be exploring options for playing other genres like reggae, funk, hip-hop and Latin styles.

LESSON 4: Bending

In lesson 4, we'll be exploring the available bends on a natural minor harmonica.

LESSON 5: 'Summertime' play-along lesson

In lesson 5, you can play along to the song Summertime.

Download free tabs:

Summertime (Natural Minor Harmonica)
Download DOC • 477KB

Lesson 6: 'Black Magic Woman' play-along lesson

In lesson 6, you can play along to the song Black Magic Woman.

Download free tabs:

Black Magic Woman (Natural Minor Harmoni
Download • 477KB

Lesson 7: 'Sweet Dreams' play-along lesson

In lesson 7, you can play along to 'Sweet Dreams Are Made of This' by Eurythmics.

Download free tabs:

Sweet Dreams Are Made of This (Natural M
Download • 480KB

Lesson 8: 'Comin' Home Baby' play-along lesson

In lesson 8, you can play along to the song Comin' Home Baby.

Download free tabs:

Comin' Home Baby (Natural Minor Harmonic
Download • 477KB

Thanks for reading this article and watching the lessons. I hope they helped you learn the basics of this wonderful instrument.

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