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Online Harmonica School - Free Tour & 30 Day Trial at

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

Hello! This is a quick preview tour of my Online Harmonica School. The school offers step-by-step harmonica lessons to help you master songs, bending, overblowing, tongue blocking and lots more. The school includes specialist blues courses as well as a variety of other genres. You'll also get hundreds of tabs, demos and backing tracks, plus a private forum where you can get personalised feedback to help you improve your playing.

Get Better Faster with Online Harmonica School

To get your harmonica playing to the next level, start your Free Trial today!

Why Should You Join My Harmonica School?

Whether you want to master the harp or just play for fun, my school will help you to get where you want to be. You'll get step-by-step courses for all levels on a range of topics from single notes to bending, overblowing and beyond. As well as lessons, you'll get tabs and practice exercises to keep you improving every day. In addition, you can get personalised feedback from your teacher about your progress, helping you to identify exactly what to do next to keep making progress. This is all included in the monthly fee, which is less than you'd pay for a single private lesson.

Easy to follow harmonica videos, tabs and jam tracks for all levels

Student Testimonials

“Liam's school has helped me gain enough confidence to play with other musicians. He is a great teacher, friendly and accessible." Michele (USA)

"Liam is an amazing teacher! You can improve fast sitting comfortably on your sofa."

Andrea (Italy)

"I love Liam's enthusiasm and patient approach. The user interface and navigation throughout the school are both excellent. Thank you very much! Ross (Australia)

"I love being a member of your school, Liam! I can work through them at my own pace and dip in and out when I need to. I really feel my confidence, skills and knowledge growing because of the school." Paula (UK)

"Liam's school is comprehensive, with courses for all skill levels and I am constantly amazed by the generosity of the instruction and resources that he offers." Virginia (USA)

"Liam’s song studies are very valuable and quite unique. I’m practicing for fun and to help with jam sessions."

Michael (Switzerland)

Ready to Improve Your Skills?

Start your 30 day Online Harmonica School trial today. Click to find out more!

The School Experience

1. Quality Step-by-step lessons on a huge range of topics that you won't find anywhere else.

2. Flexibility I know the harmonica; you know your own style. Dip in and out of courses at your own pace and to suit your changing interests.

3. Community Join one of the world’s largest harmonica schools. Your fellow students and I are here to chat, share experience and give feedback as you progress.

What Do My Harmonica Students Get?

  • Over 1,500 videos in Step-by-Step Courses

  • Personalised Feedback from Your Teacher

  • Specialist lessons on Bending, Tongue Blocking, Overblowing and More

  • Blues School including Licks, Solos, Grooves and Technique

  • Pop, Rock, Folk, Country Songs

  • Blues Song Studies on Walter, Williamson, Butterfield and Many More

  • Huge Amount of Jam Tracks, Tabs, Practice Exercises

  • Student Community - get support and help from fellow learners

Thousands of Harmonica Students Worldwide

Liam Ward, CEO and founder of, the online harmonica school.
Liam Ward (Founder & CEO of

I have helped over 150,000 students to improve their playing - from absolute beginners to professionals - through workshops, private lessons, YouTube videos and my harmonica school. I have been a full-time harmonica player and teacher since 2007. When I'm not teaching, I record for clients worldwide and tour with several bands.

Start Your Free Trial Today!

If you are keen to improve your playing, start your Free Trial of my harp school today.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

✓ Instant Access Take all of my courses as soon as you've joined

✓ Cancel Anytime Not for you? Cancel whenever you like during your free trial

✓ Secure Checkout Encrypted payment by card or PayPal if you choose to stay

Frequently Asked Questions

When can you access lessons? As soon as you've signed up! You can log in on any device (computer, smartphone, tablet) at any time. How long do you get to access lessons? The school is a subscription service. As long as you remain a member, you can keep coming back as many times as you like. If you cancel your membership, you will lose access. Click for more frequently asked questions

Join the Online Harmonica School Today

Start your free trial of my harp school today. Click here to join!


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