'Piano Man' by Billy Joel - Harmonica Lesson & Free Harp Tabs

In today's harmonica lesson, I'll teach you to play the intro to 'Piano Man' by Billy Joel on a C diatonic harmonica.

Download free tabs:

Piano Man (Billy Joel)
Download PDF • 66KB

Here are the tabs for the intro harmonica from Piano Man:

6B--- 5D – 6B--- 5D – 5B – 5D – 5B------

4B---- 4D – 5B – 4D----

5B - 5D - 6B-- 5D – 6B-- 5D – 5B – 5D – 5B - 4B

4B--- 4D – 5B – 4D – 4B------

Thanks for taking this lesson. I hope you enjoyed it!

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