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Essential Blues Harp Grooves

*** Hear track snippets by clicking the video above or on YouTube ***


The collection of jam tracks includes every blues groove you need to know to play at a jam or with a band.


I have chosen the keys based on the most popular keys used at jam nights and by blues bands. This doesn’t mean they’re always played in these particular keys, but it should mean you’ll be well prepared most of the time.


I can’t promise that these are the only blues grooves you’ll ever hear – or that they’ll be played exactly like this – but they are certainly the essential grooves you’ll need to know if you’re going to be a blues harp player.


This collection includes:


  • 40 mp3 tracks - professionally recorded full band  (guitar, bass and drums)
  • 20 grooves - every groove you're likely to hear at a blues jam
  • Various speeds - go at your own pace
  • Starter guide - includes chord charts and groove descriptions


NOTE: For these tracks, I recommend using diatonic harmonica (e.g. Hohner Marine Band or Special 20) in the keys of C, G, A, Bb, D, Eb and F.

The collection includes the following tracks. I have tempo-shifted the files so you get to practise them at various speeds:


  1. Shuffle (Classic) in E - 100bpm
  2. Shuffle (Classic) in E - 88bpm
  3. Shuffle (Box Ascending) in E - 100bpm
  4. Shuffle (Box Ascending) in E - 88bpm
  5. Shuffle (Box Descending) in E – 100bpm
  6. Shuffle (Box Descending) in E – 88bpm
  7. Jump Swing in F - 200bpm
  8. Jump Swing in F - 172bpm
  9. Jump Swing in F - 148bpm
  10. Train Beat (12 Bar) in E - 120bpm
  11. Train Beat (12 Bar) in E - 114bpm
  12. Train Beat (12 Bar) in E – 100bpm
  13. Train Beat (One-Chorder) in E - 120bpm
  14. Train Beat (One-Chorder) in E - 108bpm
  15. Second Line in A - 90bpm
  16. Funky Blues in C – 128bpm
  17. Funky Blues in C – 110bpm
  18. Funky Blues in C – 96bpm
  19. Slow Blues (Major) in A – 60bpm
  20. Slow Blues (Minor) in Bm – 60bpm
  21. Lazy Blues in D – 64bpm
  22. Hooker Boogie (One-Chorder) in A - 160bpm
  23. Hooker Boogie (One-Chorder) in A - 136bpm
  24. Fast Boogie Shuffle in E – 196bpm
  25. Fast Boogie Shuffle in E – 172bpm
  26. Fast Boogie Shuffle in E – 145bpm
  27. Rhumba Blues in G – 125bpm
  28. Rhumba Blues in G – 115bpm
  29. Rock ‘n’ Roll Beat in A – 130bpm
  30. Rock ‘n’ Roll Beat in A – 117bpm
  31. Bo Diddley Beat (12 Bar) in G – 95bpm
  32. Bo Diddley Beat (12 Bar) in G – 80bpm
  33. Bo Diddley Beat (One-Chorder) in G – 95bpm
  34. Bo Diddley Beat (One-Chorder) in G – 80bpm
  35. I’m A Man (One-Chorder) in G – 90bpm
  36. Jazz Swing in Bb – 190bpm
  37. Jazz Swing in Bb – 171bpm
  38. Jazz Swing in Bb – 152bpm
  39. Jazzy Minor Blues in Gm - 110bpm
  40. Jazzy Minor Blues in Gm - 100bpm

Essential Blues Harp Grooves


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