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John Sweeney.
Feb 04, 2022
In Give & Get Advice
Hi Liam, Love the format of your classes. Only been attending your video lessons for a month or so and mostly working through the bending course. Planning on renewing my membership for a few more months at least.Been learning harmonica on my own for a few years with different on line teachers but find that where I am now in my playing yours work the best. I suffer from isolation and lack of feedback, A common issue in these lock-downed times in Canada, Please let me know what you thin I'm doing well and what specifically needs more work. See we both are big fans of John Sebastian and his jug band and the Spoonful. I knew Yanowski the Spoonful guitarist a bit. He owned a great restaurant and a bookstore in Kingston Ontario (Chez Piggy) before he died. Wonderful crazy guy. Have a great weekend and let me know what I shoul d be doing more of. truly, John Sweeney, St. Catharines, Ontario.

John Sweeney.

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