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12 Bar Blues Slow Harmonica Backing Track in A

Hello! Today we'll be playing a long to a blues harmonica jam track. Jamming is a crucial part of a blues harmonica player's practice. Using backing tracks will help you develop musical ideas, technique and ability to listen while playing. It will also help you to start improvising blues harp and putting techniques into practice.

This is a slow 12 bar blues jam track in the key of A. You can use a D harmonica for this track; this means you'll be playing in 2nd position (but don't worry if that means nothing to you - just remember to listen and have fun!)

It's very useful to understand the chord structure of the jam track you are using. This track is a standard 12 bar blues with quick change (IV chord on bar 2) and a turnaround (V chord near the end of bar 12). It's a slow blues track so it's easy to follow the chord changes. Below is the structure for this jam track. Take a free trial of harmonica school if you want to learn more about blues structure or improvising.

Backing tracks are an amazing tool for your practice. All you need is a computer/iPad/phone and a harmonica, and you have the opportunity for endless blues improv wherever you are.

Join my harmonica school to get 100's of professional jam tracks as well as 1,000's of exclusive lessons and video courses. Practise your soloing and licks to a huge range of grooves, speeds and structures with the ultimate collection for any blues harmonica player.

You'll get:

  • 145 professionally recorded jam tracks

  • Various grooves, keys and speeds

  • Easy-to-follow explanations of the tracks

  • Simple chord charts

Best of all, it's free for 30 days! My jam tracks will keep you occupied whether you're a beginner, intermediate or advanced player. My band have recorded slow, medium and fast tracks in a range of grooves and keys. The best players work on playing over all of them.

Free 30 Day Trial of Harmonica School (including 100's of Jam Tracks):

If you are keen to improve your playing, start your free trial of my harp school today. Click here for more details



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