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The Aki Kumar Interview: From Bollywood to Blues, and Back

Updated: Jul 9

For several years he's been electrifying audiences with a harmonica sound that transcends borders. Aki Kumar, the 'Bollywood Blues' harmonica player, bends genres and blows minds with his unique blend of traditional blues and infectious Indian influences. In this interview I'm sitting down with Aki to discuss his musical journey, from his early exposure to Bollywood film music to his discovery of the blues and his mission to create a sound that's both familiar and utterly fresh. Get ready to dive into the world of Aki Kumar!

You can find out more about Aki Kumar's music - and purchase his albums - at

P.S. Scroll down to hear some of Aki's songs!

Big thanks to Aki for taking the time to sit down and chat with me. This has been a real joy because Aki is one of my favourite harmonica players to listen to. A true innovator who respects the tradition but looks to do his own thing with it. I hope you enjoyed learning something from him today!

Here are some great tracks from Aki's genre-bending releases:



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