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Inside Brendan Power’s Harmonica Workshop | Creating, Designing and Building New Harmonicas

Hello! Today we're taking a look inside Brendan Power's harmonica workshop, where he designs and creates all kinds of harmonicas for his own use and for general sale. We'll explore some of Brendan's weird and wacky inventions as well as looking at the process of designing harps and printing the parts. I'll also talk to Brendan about his life's work and what makes him tick.

Thank you so much to Brendan for opening his doors to me and taking time out to show me around. He is a truly open, generous and fascinating man to spend time with, and we're lucky to have him.

Brendan Power is a New Zealand harmonica player, composer and inventor based in the UK. Born in Kenya, he was raised in New Zealand, and taught himself to play harmonica by ear. In the 1990's he worked for three years as a soloist in the Riverdance Show and was later employed by Suzuki of Japan as their International Harmonica Specialist. He is one of the world's greatest harmonica innovators, constantly searching for new ways to get more out of the instrument.

Check out Brendan's YouTube channel and website.

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