Top 5 Neil Young harmonica lessons and tabs

Neil Young uses harmonica on a lot of his acoustic songs, and he plays some really soulful and emotional stuff to accompany his songwriting. Here are my top 5 lessons on his greatest hits. Included are video lessons and free harp tabs to download. Enjoy!

#1: Heart of Gold

Heart of Gold (Neil Young)
PDF • 151KB

#2: Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon (Neil Young)
PDF • 145KB

#3: Out on the Weekend

Out On the Weekend (Neil Young)
PDF • 149KB

#4: My My, Hey Hey

My My Hey Hey (Neil Young)
PDF • 173KB

#5: From Hank to Hendrix

From Hank to Hendrix (Neil Young)
PDF • 150KB

Thanks for watching. I hope you enjoyed these lessons!

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