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St James Infirmary free Harmonica Tabs & Lesson

Hello! In today's harmonica lesson we're learning to play St. James Infirmary, an old American folk song that has become a blues and jazz standard. There are no bends so this is suitable for all levels, from beginner through intermediate to advanced. It is on C diatonic harmonica in 3rd position.

Here are the harp tabs:

-4 -5 -6 -6 -5 6 -6 -5 -4

I went down to St. James infirmary

-4 -5 -6 -6 -8 7 -6

And I saw my baby there

-4 -5 -6 -6 -6 -5 6 -6 -5 -4

She was stretched out on a long white table

-4 -5 -4 -6 -5 5 -4

So sweet, so cool, and so fair

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